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Hi, I'm Laura Hayes. I am the owner and operator of Lil' Peanuts Child Care, an in-home licensed child care residence. I have been licensed since July, 2007, and obtained my CDA (Child Development Associates Credential) in September, 2014. I maintain a current CPR and First Aid License at all times and am attending ongoing training to stay current with the newest information regarding child development in many different areas.

I believe that every child is uniquely designed by God and that each child has a different way of learning. It is my goal to introduce each child in my care to the joys of learning, to unlock their God given creativity, talent and interests through loving care and nurturing. I believe that a child requires a great deal of interaction, consistency, leadership and guidance, coupled with an environment where they can explore, learn and develop at a rate that is comfortable for them. I also feel this environment must challenge them at the same time, to promote continued growth in every area of their development, including the areas of language, physical, social, emotional and intellectually growth. I value open communication with my clients and their families. I feel that together we are working to develop a well-rounded child that will be successful in all facets of life. If at any time you have questions, concerns or suggestions that will aid us on our journey, please schedule a conference with me.

Me and my Husband
Laura and Lee Hayes

1122 E. Mandeville
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