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Nutrition Policy

We participate in the Association for Child Development Food Program (ACD) and we educate the children regarding the MyPlate guidelines for healthy eating. We offer breakfast, lunch and two snacks per day. If your child is in care during these serving times, they will be offered a variety of healthy, nutritional foods. We will do our very best to accommodate all food allergies and special dietary needs. In some cases, a doctor’s note may be required to meet the ACD guidelines.

In an effort to provide the best possible nutrition and physical activity environment for the children in our facility, we have adopted the following policies. We greatly appreciate support from parents in promoting the health of our children. Please see our Daily Schedule for meal and snack times.

Please click here for a sample of a weekly menu.

Breast Feeding
Please see out Breast Feeding policy here.

Fruits and Vegetables


Menus and Variety

Foods Offered Outside of Regular Meals and Snacks

Feeding Practices

Supporting Healthy Eating

Healthy Guidelines for Celebrations
Please help us encourage lifelong healthy habits among our children. We encourage parents to join us for their child’s birthday or other special occasions and bring food to help celebrate. Please select or prepare healthier food options that your child enjoys. Suggestions include: