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Paymnent Due Date

All clients are to prepay for care. Payment is due no later than the first day of the week that your child is in care.

The first two weeks your child is in care, the weekly bill will be doubled and then half of each payment will be placed on hold to cover the last two weeks that your child is in attendance. If for any reason there is still a credit on your account after care has stopped and all final payments from all sources have been received, that money will be refunded to you.

Birth - 30 Months$5.25
30 Months and older$4.50

(Please call to verify current rates.)

Payment Options
Additional Charges Attendance

The purpose for this policy is to ensure that the care-giving staff-to-child ratio stays within the legal range for the license requirements. It also allows for proper planning, so your child receives the best care possible.

Each client will complete a contracted schedule. The intention of this schedule is to have the Parent and the Caregiver in complete agreement on the days and the hours that each child will be in care. This is the contracted schedule that all billing will be based on. Please click here for a sample of the agreement.

In cases where the Adults schedule is not the same from week to week the schedule for the upcoming week must be submitted by 5:00 pm the Friday before. If the new schedule is not submitted by 5:00 pm the Friday before then the previous submitted schedule will be followed. You will then run the risk of being charged for early drop off fees and late pick up fees. Should there need to be changes made to the schedule after 5:00 pm that Friday, your account will be billed a Schedule Change Fee of $10.00.

The client’s family may take up to four weeks of vacation over the time span of one year. If a written two-week notice is provided these days will be billed at 50% off the full rate based on their contracted schedule. If there is not a written two-week notice on file these days will be billed at full rate for all clients based on their contracted schedule.

All sick days, or absent days for any reason other than for vacation, as stated above, are billed at full rate for all clients based on their contracted schedule.

Latch Key

A school-aged child needing before or after school care will be charged $12.50 a day, for up to 3 hours. Or, $4.50 hourly if care is to be provided for 3 hours or more.

In the past there has been a bus stop in my driveway so I have been able to assure parents the peace of mind that your child will have an adult available to get them on the bus or receive them from the bus on a daily basis. (This service may change based on the bus stop location - as determined by the Carman-Ainsworth bus garage.) This does not secure your child a spot for days when school is NOT in session, or for days school is dismissed early. You must have other arrangements in place for those days.

Subsidy Assistance

Should you receive assistance paying for child care from the State of Michigan it is important for you to understand how that process works. To this end, please contact me or see the full handbook here for more information.